Are You a People Person? This Gives You an Objective Way to Find Out

Are You a People Person? This Gives You an Objective Way to Find Out
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You've spent time designing, writing, and implementing an employee survey—but are you getting any real insights from that data? If you haven't been using Feedback Analysis Platforms (FAPs) like Brieferr to crunch your numbers, you probably aren't.

Use case with Rocher Group.

Rocher Group employee survey.

Brieferr is a feedback analysis platform converting long interview answers into analytics. It's simple, it's smart, and it's free to use. From there, you can easily generate reports with charts and tables and make comparisons between different departments or individuals.

Step 1: Give your survey to your employees.

Step 2: Upload your data onto Brieferr.

Step 3: Analyze the data in Brieferr's analytics dashboard.

Optional: Automate Brieferr with Zapier to the continuous data stream.

If you're looking for a way to improve your business by using customer satisfaction surveys and collecting valuable customer feedback, Brieferr can be a helpful tool for you. You may not need all of its features, but it has some useful analytics that can help you make better decisions based on the insights gleaned from these customer surveys.

A lawyer says: "You can always be as honest as you want for" It is a great tool for anyone who wants to understand their employees' feedback better or just track their performance in general. Employees will love it, too, because they get to have their say and have it heard. Go ahead, try it out!

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